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For all your hair needs:
Shampoo, Cut & Style       
                                                  Women     $25+
                                                  Men           $15+
                                                  Children    $15+
Shampoo & Style                         $20+
Special Occasion Style                $35+
Conditioning Treatment            $25
All-Over Color                             $55+
                                                  Partial     $65+
                                                        Full    $75+
Perms                                           $45+

Tape in Extensions                    $85+

Eyelash extensions                    Full  $100
                                                                    Fill     $45

Vision or Cinderella Extensions
       Estimates given at consultation.
*Some services may take longer than anticipated. We ask that you please be patient and courteous in the event that this does occur. You are welcome to enjoy a cool drink and take a look at our magazine collection.
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